Marked by violence

Have you heard of the tractor-trailer in which 98 migrants who dreamed of crossing the American border were rescued?

No, not the one with the 51 women and men who died of dehydration and asphyxiation: that one was at the end of June, in Texas.

The most recent case that made the news was July 28. This truck was still in Mexico. The driver simply abandoned it with the people inside. Migrants were screaming and making noise to be saved. Finally, 98 of them were rescued. Several were hospitalized. Witnesses saw around 100 other people jump out of the truck and flee.

At the Nuova Laredo border post alone, 20,000 vehicles pass through each day, in one direction or the other. Customs officers inspect only a tiny fraction of it.

Some of these migrants will arrive in Montreal, deeply scarred.

Marked by violence.

These are the people who need RIVO therapists.

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