Lots of reasons to run away

Latin America and the Caribbean are havens for northern tourists, but it is one of the most violent regions in the world.

Mexico, plagued by cartels, counts 33,000 murders a year - which go largely unpunished. El Salvador, because of its terrible gangs, has the highest homicide rate on the planet. Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Jamaica, Haiti, Brazil… as many countries as hellish situations for millions of women, men and children.

That is a view from above.

Here is a simple example of a Mexican woman being helped by a therapist in our network.

Maria (pseudonym), had fled narcos, extortion and death threats. She believed all this horror was behind her, until recently, when she was subjected to sexual harassment in her workplace, in Montreal. This reignited all the pain she had experienced in Mexico.

To add to her problems: after five years, she still does not know if her refugee claim will be granted… or if she will be expelled. Nightmares, insomnia, flashbacks, lack of concentration, anxiety...

Her situation is complex, out of the ordinary.

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