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En aidant le RIVO, vous aidez non seulement à soigner les blessures des victimes de violence organisée mais aussi à construire

a city, a province and a stronger nation. Contribute to réhumaniser the world by acting in here.

It is easy and safe to make a donation on our web site. 

Donations to the RIVO are tax deductible. An official donation receipt will be sent to you.

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In the name of "RIVO" to the following address:

1274 rue Jean-Talon est bureau

Montréal QC H2R 1W3

number of charity: 89098 0584 RR 0001


You can help the RIVO to create a more stable income, choosing to give monthly the amount of your choice.  

A Little Trust Goes a Long Way


I first “discovered” RIVO early in 2016 when my church community had committed to sponsoring a family escaping from war-torn Syria. I had begun investigating various resources and services available in the city when I stumbled across RIVO and its unique mandate that provides free psychological support to newcomers to Canada whose lives had been marked by violence and trauma.

Being uprooted and moving to another country does not mean escaping from the scars many have endured and RIVO is dedicated to walking alongside those whose lives have been traumatized by violence...


Not all wounds are physical...and it takes time and trust for healing and resilience to take hold…


Trust is always about the relationship – and that includes the relationship between an organization and its donors. The trust I place each month through my donations to RIVO is anchored in knowing the organisation's history, integrity and heart. I invite you to join me in supporting RIVO …


–       Penny Rankin