Your donation helps to heal the invisible wounds of organized violence.

Help survivors of violence recover and thrive


When you donate to RIVO you help to heal the wounds of someone who has been scarred by war, torture, or rape.

You help that person regain confidence in themselves and in others,

and you offer them a better chance to integrate into our society.

We all benefit from this.


Thank you!

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Charity number: 89098 0584 RR 0001

A Little Trust Goes a Long Way

  –       Penny Rankin

« Je fais confiance à RIVO car je connais leur histoire, leur intégrité et leur cœur. En tant que donatrice, je suis confiant que ma contribution va à une organisation dédiée à accompagner les nouveaux arriv"I trust RIVO because I know their history, integrity, and heart. As a donor, I feel confident that my contribution is going towards an organization dedicated to walking alongside newcomers to Canada who have suffered from violence and trauma. RIVO's unique mandate of providing free psychological support is essential for the healing and resilience of those uprooted from their homes. Trust is critical in any relationship, and I wholeheartedly recommend supporting RIVO."