Refer a person

Access to our services

That is referred to?

Any person, man, woman, or child, who has suffered, or who has been witness to an act of
organized violence, which presents significant symptoms of distress
psychological and who is willing to speak to a mental health professional.


To make a referral, contact the RIVO :

Below is our reference document. You can return via email or fax.

If it is a person covered by the interim federal health program (IFH), specifically the asylum-seekers in pending status, as well as the sponsored refugees during their first year in Canada, please send to us, with the form for reference, a copy of the document of the claimant (IFHP) and the order medical psychotherapy with the diagnosis of the person.

by fax: 514 552-9890


the reference document here

Required Documents

We only accept applications with the three documents following:
1. Form of reference to the RIVO
2. Medical prescription with diagnosis
3. A copy of the document of the claimant
Please send by e-mail at or fax : 514-552-9890

Tel: 514-282-0661
Fax: 514-552-9890