RIVO: Intervention network for persons affected by organized violence

Thirty committed therapists.
A motivated multicultural team by social justice.
Hundreds of refugees and asylum-seekers helped each year.

Together in 2023


They have suffered torture, rape, or persecution because of their social or political involvement, or because of their sexual orientation or religion. Then, they found refuge with us in the hope of starting a new life.  


Unfortunately, organized violence leaves scars: post-traumatic stress, nightmares, flashbacks, loss of trust in humanity, in everyone, including oneself...


Psychological support is the first step towards the well-being of these people and their integration into our society.


However, for the benefits of therapy to last, several dimensions must be taken into account, such as employment, housing, poverty, the education of children, or the simple need to talk to someone.


How can you learn a language in a few months or keep a job if you can't sleep at night and concentrate during the day? How to find your way through the bureaucracy and the shortcomings of the services offered? How to deal with isolation, indifference, discrimination? How can we succeed without the support of people who understand our experience?


Our approach is global, based on listening and support.

Our role is specialized, focused on victims of organized violence, but we collaborate with all organizations that meet the other needs of asylum seekers and refugees.


These people are among the most vulnerable people in our society.

They have shown unimaginable resilience.

They deserve better, and have a lot to offer us.


Our donors understand this and, thanks to their support

Thousands of them have found hope.

Thank you for supporting asylum seekers and refugees.

Even after they land here, many Ukrainians need psychological help.


We help asylum seekers and refugees who have suffered organized violence.

The RIVO promotes the rehabilitation and integration of new arrivals and any other person who has been traumatized by organized violence, whether of political, social, criminal, identity, or religion.

We offer

a therapeutic support

We work primarily with asylum seekers and refugees by providing them with a support individual therapeutic.
We're also group interventions through craft activities, complementing the activities psychotherapeutic.

Psychosocial Interventions

Assessment and prioritization of the applications of psychotherapy. Orientation of individuals and families according to their needs, to community or institutional resources.


Individual psychotherapy (adults, adolescents, children) or group : a helping relationship; craft activities.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy for adults who have been affected by the violence, and who are referred by their therapist.

Training to stakeholders in community-based settings
and institutional


Call us between 9: 00am and noon

or write to us

To refer to a.e client.e RIVO :


They have survived.


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English version

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Directing and editing: Cyril Fish
With the collaboration of Yves Médam

Also read this testimony of Cyril Fish:

"It is a story that lasts ? It said to me bluntly : You know, they all do. "So I was warned. 


Directing and editing: Cyril Fish
With the collaboration of Yves Médam


Directing and editing: Cyril Fish
With the collaboration of Yves Médam

Also read this testimony

What a joy to themselves and, more importantly, what wealth to work in a team with someone like Abdul! Thank you again to my coach! 


Frequently asked questions

Our customers are in the vast majority of asylum-seekers and refugees. They have experienced or witnessed an act of violence, organized, and have significant symptoms of psychological distress. The person must be willing to talk to a mental health professional. Our services are also offered to loved ones.

Yes. The vast majority of our customers benefit from the interim federal health Program (IFHP). Donations from the public and other donors, we are able to offer therapies free people deeply marked by their experiences.

Below is our reference document. You can return via email or fax.

If it is a case covered by the totality of services provided by the interim federal health program (IFHP), including the sponsored refugees during their first year in Canada and asylum-seekers awaiting a status; please note the number IFH of the individual (the identity of its client – UCI), and provide a medical prescription for mentioning the detail of the symptoms. This means we will be funded for the follow-up by the IFH.

      by fax: 514 552-9890

      email: references@rivo-resilience.org  

      Download the reference document here

"Organized violence is the deliberate and systematic use of terror and brutality to control individuals, groups and communities. The use of overwhelming force leads to fear and a feeling of helplessness among the victims. Its methods result in the suffering and severe pain, the use of murder, intimidation, threats, and in some cases, the destruction of a community, ethnic group, or of the political opposition. Governments use military forces, police, and political organizations for the practice of organized violence. These groups can also act independently to persecute individuals, groups or communities. Opposition groups can also terrorize and brutalize the civilian population in order to gain power and causing fear and social disorder. " 

Kane S. Working with victims of organized violence from different cultures. A Red Cross and Red Crescent Guide. International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Geneva, Switzerland, 1995, p. 5 (translation made by the RIVO).

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